On Track to Better Business Practices

How often have you heard that a successful business runs like a well-oiled machine?  Though cliché, I reflect on that very idea as I tune in this month to my favorite pastime — auto racing.  The concept of a well-oiled machine plays out quite literally when contemplating all that goes into a prosperous racing

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2019 Northeast Wisconsin Salary Survey

As you may know, for the last several years, a wage survey was conducted by the Northeast Wisconsin Chambers Coalition (NEWCC) to support the establishment and maintenance of competitive salary structures to attract and retain talent in the area. This included the Green Bay, Fox Cities, and Fond du Lac Chambers, as well as

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Facebook Job Board: To Post or Not to Post?

Facebook Job Board With 1.86 billion monthly active users1, Facebook is a major player in the arena of social media. As of February 20172, Facebook launched its own version of a job board, expanding its reach into the job search market and further blurring the lines between personal and professional. Companies now have the

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