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KerberRose is pleased to offer a compensation benchmarking report for organizations in Northeast Wisconsin. Our Northeast Wisconsin Targeted Salary Report utilizes real-time data from software that reports current competitive wage, salary and incentive survey data for thousands of positions from companies across Wisconsin and the United States. Participants receive a detailed, personalized report of their chosen positions, with consideration of industry and company size.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain insight into your organization’s compensation practices. Register for the KerberRose compensation benchmarking report today!

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Compensation Benchmarking


The Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of participating in a compensation benchmarking survey:

  1. Stay competitive in the job market: By staying up-to-date with current compensation trends, your organization can remain competitive and attract top talent. Benchmarking helps ensure that your pay practices are in line with those of other organizations in your industry and that you’re offering competitive compensation packages.
  2. Retain top talent: Employees want to feel valued and fairly compensated for their work. By benchmarking your organization’s pay practices, you can ensure that you’re providing fair compensation and benefits packages, which can help retain top talent and reduce turnover.
  3. Make informed decisions: Participating in a compensation benchmarking survey provides your organization with data-driven insights into pay practices in your industry. This information can be used to make informed decisions about pay adjustments, benefits offerings and overall compensation strategy.


Salary Survey FAQs

The report methodology will involve the use of data software that reports current competitive wage, salary and incentive survey data for thousands of positions from companies across Wisconsin and the United States and that updates salary information every month. It also saves participants the time of entering their data themselves and waiting for results to be compiled.

Report results will be provided to participants in a comprehensive and personalized report in PDF format. This report will contain detailed salary data for the positions selected, with consideration of industry and company size. For an additional investment, a KerberRose Human Resources advisor can provide tailored insights on the positions within an organization’s report.

The report results can be utilized to make informed decisions about the competitiveness of your organization’s pay structure. With this information, you can improve employee retention by adjusting compensation packages and offering competitive salaries. Additionally, participants have the option to add on a virtual consultation of up to two hours with one of our experienced HR consultants to review their salary report results and receive advice on how to effectively implement changes at their organization.

There are a few choices you may choose from when registering for the Northeast Wisconsin Targeted Salary Report. You can receive data on a variety of positions:

  • Up to 20 positions: $500
  • 21 – 35 positions: $750
  • 36 – 50 positions: $950
  • Additional two-hour, personalized, virtual consultation to review your report: $600

Please contact us at if your needs exceed the scope of these packages. We’re happy to work with you on an individual basis.

Participants will be required to select their primary industry which will be utilized when gathering data for your report and selected positions. You may choose from one of the industries provided, or write in an option in the “Other” box (you may only choose or write-in one industry option).

There will be the opportunity for participants to add up to two job titles, if not already included in KerberRose’s job selections. These additional positions and job titles will count as a position in the overall selected package (i.e., if someone chose to receive data on up to 20 positions, they could select 18 jobs from those listed and write-in two additional positions/job titles, if not already listed).

As data is gathered based on your industry and the size of your organization, you can utilize the report results to compare your current compensation rates with the norms reported for Northeast Wisconsin. This may assist in your compensation decision-making during performance meetings or when hiring new employees.

Yes, for an additional investment, you can schedule a virtual consultation of up to two hours with one of KerberRose’s human resource consultants to discuss your report results and how to utilize them within your organization.