The H.S. Group Assists HR Job Seekers and Employers with Hiring for HR Roles

A confidential job search is a challenging task for any currently employed job seekers. It’s even more difficult for human resource professionals. When seeking employment opportunities means turning to a network of fellow HR people in our tight-knit Northeast Wisconsin community, things can get tricky quickly.

Organizations face similar difficulty in hiring for an open HR position. It can be quite challenging to connect with HR professionals, conducting a stealth or passive job search. And, when confidentiality is necessary for both the job seeker and employer, the task of connecting is all but impossible without the support of a 3rd party.

That’s where The H.S. Group comes in. We have a strong network of connections that can assist human resource professionals on both sides of the employment equation. Think of us as your confidential liaison. We’ll partner with HR job seekers searching for job opportunities and employers looking for talented HR professionals to facilitate confidential matches.

Employers have access to a pool of talent that is otherwise difficult to reach and engage, and HR professionals have a trusted resource to assist with identifying and pursuing opportunities.

Let us know if you are an HR job seeker or employer who would like to be a part of our confidential human resources talent network.

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