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KerberRose Human Resources’ Individual Services provide professionals of any age and experience with the solutions they need to reach the next step in their career. Peruse our solutions below; then contact us to get started.


Resume Development

    KerberRose HR’s Trusted Advisors will partner with you to create a customized resume to highlight your skills, competencies, and achievements. You’ll experience this during your initial face-to-face consultation where we’ll conduct a thorough interview and guide you through a robust resume development process. Your final product will be a professional and distinguished resume and the self-confidence to ace an interview.

    It may be the beginning of your career; however, your list of accomplishments is growing, and you are ready to progress to the next level.

    Senior managers or individuals with more than 25 years of professional work history who are looking for high-level leadership roles within an organization.

    Looking to transfer your skill sets to a new industry? Work with our consultants to take your knowledge and apply it to your next great career.

    A few years have passed, and it’s time for a new look! Give your previously-completed KerberRose HR resume an up-to-date review to reflect your new accomplishments and education.

    Mid-level professionals who want to advance their career to a senior decision-making role.


Digital Persona & Interviewing

    First impressions are everything. Let us help you make the first step as your best professional self.

    Networking has become much more than face-to-face meetings. Gain access to current tips and tools for using social media platforms to leverage your professional connections. You’ll learn how to effectively use and present your best self over social media, including work history, accomplishments, skills, and imagery.

    Prepare for your next interview with a one-on-one, two-hour coaching session which will provide you with an overview of the interview process, the methodology for answering questions using the Problem, Action, Result (PAR) process, practice answering questions with consultant feedback, and much more!


Additional Services

    We offer a variety of personalized services to fit your needs.

    Finding the right position is more than turning to a web listing. You’ll need to develop a job search toolkit to find the ideal position for you. Join our consultant for two 90-minute meetings which will include a thorough profile analysis, focused action-plan, networking techniques and profile, and how to utilize and implement a variety of additional resources.

    Do you feel where you are isn’t where you are meant to be? Work with one of our experienced consultants who will administer the Pathway Planner to help you determine your career direction based on your unique strengths, talents, and abilities to thrive professionally. During your analysis and consultation, you’ll develop an action plan for improvement: working relationships, personal communication, work habits, and advice on next steps.