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HR Consulting

Growing organizations are continuously faced with employee and human resource challenges, such as recruiting new employees, retaining current employees, developing effective policies and procedures, and engaging employees in workplace culture so they are instrumental in organizational growth and success. Fortunately, KerberRose offers Human Resources Consulting. We believe employee involvement is critical to implementing strategy, executing operations, and successfully working with clients. Our team is committed to helping your organization in virtually any area related to personnel, human resources, and/or talent management to develop your employees and leaders. KerberRose Human Resources offers customized, practical solutions to all your HR and leadership development needs.


    Our team of knowledgeable human resource professionals delivers consulting services on a project basis for a broad range of human resource needs.

  • Human resource partnering
  • Human resource compliance audits
  • Employee handbook development and review
  • Job description development, classification, and review
  • Employee and labor relations
  • Hiring, recruitment, and retention
  • Interview training
  • Compensation plans and structure
  • Incentive and bonus plans
  • Discipline training and terminations
  • Performance management programs
  • Allegation investigations
  • Compensation and benefits surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Policies and procedures
  • Employee attraction and retention audits
  • HR Assessment—Employee relations, hiring/recruiting, organizational structure, recordkeeping and other documentation, safety, security, and workers’ compensation
  • Management/leader training

    HR Consulting can be utilized successfully across all types and sizes of organizations.

    A company which doesn’t require a full-time HR professional; however, they need additional support in handling specific HR matters.

    A company which employs an individual who manages the administrative side of HR; however, the individual may not have the background to adequately respond to the full scope of HR issues.

    A staff HR professional who would like a resource to assist in HR challenges, offer suggestions, and provide information on a variety of HR topics.

    Our partnering program provides prompt, reliable human resource support and advice when you need it. Our experienced HR consultants conduct regular on-site meetings with your organization to strategically discuss and review your business needs. As part of HR Partnering, you are also able to use our Rapid Response service to promptly address your time-sensitive HR issues.

    Our consulting staff provides Rapid Response by phone or email to:

  • Answer questions
  • Discuss issues and offer advice
  • Provide legal and/or compliance updates
  • Provide sample policies and procedures
  • Mentor and coach current HR staff
  • Develop solutions to HR issues
  • Rapid Response is available as an alternative to full-service HR Partnering for companies requiring assistance and expertise; however, they don’t need regular on-site visits or advanced HR support.

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