Neighbors in Northeast Wisconsin

Howdy, Neighbor!

As fellow residents of Northeast Wisconsin, we understand the unique challenges and rewards of working and living here. There’s no place quite like our tight-knit community full of Midwestern charm and unwavering Green Bay Packers spirit. Talk to our H.S. Group team, many of whom have lived in Northeast Wisconsin most of their life, and you’ll see the pride in our area come to life.

Not only is our team deeply connected to Northeast Wisconsin, but our roots as a locally owned and operated organization date back more than 50 years. As the first and only full-service human resource management firm in the area, The H.S. Group grew up in this thriving business environment, developing strong partnerships with local organizations and contributing to the success of the community.

With an average tenure of more than 15 years at The H.S. Group, our career consultants have been around the block as well. They’ve worked in the industry for enough years to know about the businesses and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin and how the market operates.

We leverage this local market expertise to strategically support our Career Transition / Outplacement participants. With extensive knowledge about the organizations in our area, our consultants can guide individuals to explore diverse employment opportunities and provide insights on companies of interest. Being local means we’re able to meet in-person as well as host networking meetings for participants in our markets.

When participants have a local career expert, they are equipped to more successfully navigate their job search, understand the local market, and identify organizations and opportunities that would be a good fit. Consequently, they secure new employment more quickly in positions that are at or above their previous roles.

Access to local consultants gives our participants an edge in the job search that can’t be matched by providers from outside the area. As well-established consultants in Green Bay and the Fox Cities, our local career expertise is an invaluable piece of our Career Transition / Outplacement Services.

Not all Career Transition / Outplacement providers have this same level of local service. It’s unique, but so are each of the companies and individuals that we serve. If you’re looking for local consultants who understand the market and have offices in Northeast Wisconsin, we’re your team.

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