An Investment in Talent

While traditional talent acquisition strategies rely on candidates approaching a company to apply for an opening, we excel at reaching out to high-potential talent directly. Why wait for the ideal candidate to come to you? When you work with a well-connected team of recruiters, we seek out the top candidates for your position.

This strategy of active recruiting depends upon the strength of our network of connections. In order to reach potential candidates, especially passive or senior-level talent, we need to know people who know people. Not only do our recruiters turn to their strong individual networks, but they also leverage the networks of our team of consultants at The H.S. Group. With more than half a century doing business in Northeast Wisconsin, we can assure you that our team has strong local connections. Just ask around to see.

As partners in the recruiting process, we’ll make sure we thoroughly understand your unique hiring needs and work with you to source the best talent that meets your requirements. However, you can leave the finer details to us. One of the many awesome parts of having a recruiter on your hiring team is that you have more time to focus on the other things that drive your business success while we manage the recruitment process.

We’ll find and make connections with potential candidates, perform screening conversations, and coordinate interview schedules with your organization. You’ll be in charge of getting to know the selected individuals and making the final decision about who to put on your team.

Your employees make a huge difference to the success of your company. Consequently, recruiting talent is an important investment in your future. With so much on the line, you’ll find it’s an advantage to have the guidance and expertise of an experienced recruiter. As veterans in the industry, we know the local market and the businesses that operate within it.

Talent acquisition is really so much more than placing an individual in an open position. We understand that it’s all about building an exceptional team of employees equipped to reach your company’s goals. We bring the experience, market knowledge, business expertise, and access to talent to make it happen.

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